City Hall Bruges


City Hall Bruges: An architectural masterpiece in the heart of the city

Discover Bruges City Hall, an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the city. With its rich history and imposing appearance, this building is a true symbol of Bruges' cultural and administrative significance. Join us on a journey through the history, design and stories that have shaped this monument into what it is today.

City hall Bruges: a bit of history

The city hall of Bruges shows the importance of the city in Flanders. And without any doubt the most impressive civil building in gothic style in the city. The city hall of Bruges was built by the last count of Flandres and finished in the 1400's. It is a perfect example of the gothic building style in Flanders. The building of the city hall of Bruges set also an example for all city halls in the Lowlands. Later the will follow all the idea of building a city hall in gothic style.

Who are the statues on the facade of the City Hall?

The city hall has 47 statues on it's facade. All characters that played a role in the history of Flanders and it's legends. Unfortunately the statues didn't stand the test of time. Interesting to know is that Jan Van Eyck once got the job to build some polychromed statues for the city hall. Unfortunately they also didn't stand the test of time.

A walk past the paintings in Bruges City Hall..

… is like a journey through the city's history and cultural splendor.

Inside the city hall we get a good overview of all rulers that occupied Flanders in time. There we find for instance Napoleon in all it's glory and empress Maria-Theresia from Austria. She also planned to visit Bruges but had to cancel last minute because she was ill. At the left corner we find Leopold Wilhelm, governor of the area during the Austrian period and son of the emperor Ferdinand. Finally we find there paintings of Joseph II and Ferdinand infant; governor of the Spanish Hollands. The hall of fame can be visited for free.

Of course to know the stories and to understand the paintings the easiest way is to hire a private guide for extensive explanation.

Where is the city hall located?

The city hall of Bruges is located in the heart of the historic city center of Bruges Specifically, it is situated on Burg Square which is one of the main squares in the city and the cradle of Bruges. This prime location places the city hall amidst other significant landmarks and attractions,

For more information on the Burg square I invite you to check my blogpost[1] about this place.

Is the city hall still in use?

The city hall of Bruges is still in use. The mayor still has his desk in the historic building and political meetings still take place in the gothic room. Also inhabitants of Bruges still can use the room for civil marriages.

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