Bike tours

Private bike tour in Bruges: the ideal way to discover Bruges.

During spring time the nicest way to visit Bruges is by bike.

A guided bicycle tour offers the perfect way to explore this enchanting city. With a private bike tour, you can experience the charm of Bruges at your own pace, led by a knowledgeable guide who will share fascinating stories and hidden gems along the way.

Cycling allows you to enjoy relaxed rides, perfect views, and the opportunity to visit places you might not reach on foot.

Bruges offers a lot of bike tours but very few are offered private.

Bike tour Bruges: What to expect?

A relaxing bicycle tour through the cozy streets and beautiful surroundings of Bruges is a great way to explore the city and its surroundings. You'll discover all sorts of nice spots and enjoy beautiful views, really getting to know the character of Bruges and making great memories you'll never forget.

Types of bike tours in Bruges:

Crusade created three bike tours that will fulfill all your needs. Three different concepts, all bike tours in Bruges.

Do you prefer to get more relaxed, we have a bike tour trough the countryside. Do you want some more adventure, we have day tour where we discover the Zwin area, the countryside and the historical ports of Bruges. Hereby an overview of our tours.

The Scenic bike tour

Bike tours Bruges
Bike tours Bruges

The Scenic bike tour is a bike tour trough the beautiful countryside of Bruges and the green lung of Bruges. A perfect opportunity to escape from the busy city centre of Bruges, relax and explore new places. We ride trough the countryside of Bruges and cycle to the historical town of Damme. There we make a historical walk in the city centre of Damme and end with a drink on the historical market square of Damme. More info you find here.

Bike and history tour

Bike and history tour Bruges
Bike and history tour Bruges

The Bike and history tour is a private bike tour in the city centre of Bruges. We cycle on the historical cobble stones of Bruges and discover all the highlights and hidden gems of the city. The bike tour is a unique way to discover the city and gives you the opportunity to have another view on all the historical buildings in the area and get the opportunity to visit places you normally would have never see viewing the distance. The Bike and History is a comprehensive tour concerning the history of Bruges. If you want a deep bath of history this is the tour to do. A recommendation when still have to explore the city centre. More info you find here.

Day tour: Historical ports Of Bruges + Zwin

Day bike tour Zwin + Countryside Bruges
Day bike tour Zwin + Countryside Bruges

The day tour is the most adventures tour of all. Trough the beautiful countryside we are looking for the old transshipment ports of Bruges and it's history. The area is an unique landscape which is called the polders. The scenic route leads us to the Belgian coast and the nature park Zwin, the impressive mouth of the sea entrance of Bruges in the Middle ages. In between we have a nice lunch in Sluis and visit a unique historical church in Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden where normally nobody gets in without any allowance. Do you want to join this challenge? More info you find here.