Private tour Bruges

A private tour is the best way to discover the city, personalize it and make your stay very effective. It's also an advise to do it at the beginning of your stay. Then you have all the idea's to plan stay very effectively.

Why book a private tour in Bruges?

With a private tour of Bruges, you'll have the ultimate customized experience. You get personal attention from a local guide who tells you all about the city's history, culture and hotspots. You set the pace and what you want to see, while traveling comfortably in a small group or even alone. It's the perfect way to discover Bruges your own way and create an unforgettable memory.

Types of private tours

Crusade offers nine private tours. All well balanced and informative. You can choose to discover the city by bike or on foot. The walking tour gives you a right idea of the history of Bruges while a bike tour gives you the opportunity to breathe some air and visit some hidden gems in the city which you otherwise couldn't reach on foot. Don't worry, the bike tour offers the same content as the walking tour but by bike you can reach spots which are unreachable on foot.

Private walking tours

With the private walking historical tours, offered by private guides you have four options. If you want to get a view on the metropolitan history of the city we have the Private Metropolitan tour. A very interesting tour as Bruges was the New York of it's time and played a key role in the trade of goods in Western Europe. With the Highlights and Hidden gem tour we give an overview of the highlights of Bruges and we go off the beaten paths to show you interesting buildings in the city. Finally we have the Private Churches tour. An excellent way to understand the power of the church in the Middle ages, We also discover) it's art and interior. Finally the tour also gives the introduction to architecture of religious buildings in Europe.

Private bike tours

During spring time the nicest way to visit Bruges is by bike. Relaxed, perfect views and the possibility to visit places you won't get on foot. With a private bike tour in Bruges you can cycle at your own pace and get tailor made information.

Discover Crusade's Bike tours Bruges.

Private culinary tours

Crusade also offers two culinary tours in the city. One you can combine with the historical overview in the city; the Private Culinary and History tour. With the other one you or get full experience; a Private Culinary eight tasting tour trough the city. A unique way to understand the real culture of Bruges.

All tours start on the Market square to discover the city. Easily to find and central in the city centre.

Meet your local guide

Welcome to beautiful Bruges! My name is Xavier and I was born and raised in this historic city. As a local city guide, I am passionate about sharing Bruges' hidden treasures and fascinating stories with visitors like you.

At Crusade, We offer personalized private tours designed to give you a unique and unforgettable experience.