10 things to see in Bruges


Which are the must see's in Bruges? Probably is your stay short. In average a vistor of Bruges spends two-and-a-half days in Bruges. A good planning is as a consequence necessary:

1. Church of Our lady Bruges:

The church of Our lady is with any doubt the highlight of Bruges. Built in the 14th century the church is the symbol of prosperity in Bruges in the 14th century.

2. Groeninghe Museum

The Flemish Primitives are iconic for the global importance of Bruges. The Groeninghe museum offers an overview of five centuries of Flemish art. 

3. Market square Bruges

The market square in Bruges is the commercial heart of Bruges where the whole world was present to do trade. Square shows some iconic buildings and quant houses

4. Belfry tower Bruges

The Belfry tower of Bruges is a symbol of the power and wealth of the city and when climbing has an impressive view over the Bruges area

5. Burg square

The Burg square of Bruges is the political heart of Bruges. Three justice courts, the city hall and two chapels gives makes the square worth to visit.

6. City hall of Bruges

Built in the 14th century the city hall of Bruges is a perfect example of the civil building Gothic style. Inside the Gothic room is iconic for the history off Bruges

7. Jan Van Eyck square

The Jan Van Eyck square with the statue of the famous painter is a hidden gem with some iconic buildings and a beautiful view on the canals of Bruges

8. Saint-Anne church

Also a hidden gem with a magnificent baroque interior and biggest wall painting in Bruges

9. Church of Jerusalem

Private family church built by the Adornes family. Discover the 14th century tomb and the interesting museum about the leisures of the elite of Bruges

10. Beguinees of Bruges

Probably the most relaxing spot in Bruges where the community of nuns live by the binding vows of the group.

These spots ask for a lot of explanation to really understand and appreciate. Get an overview of our tours on our booking page and book your private tours.