Basilica of the Holy Blood Bruges


The basilica of the Holy Blood is probably the site which triggers the biggest part of your imagination. The relic brought to Bruges by the count of Flanders; Diederick van den Elzas has a big part of reality. Although people think this could be anybody's blood it is historically correct that the blood of Jesus Christ was indeed at that time in Constantinople. The blood was caught by Joseph from Arimathea when Jesus was hanging at the cross. When the blood arrived in Bruges everybody was surely impressed by the relic. The relic is still kept safe in the basilica and is recognized by the Vatican as relic level number one.

To show it to public they organized a procession that went trough the whole city centre; the procession of the Holy Blood. After 700 years this procession still goes out. The highlight of the year in Bruges. 

Visit the Basilica together with our guides and get impressed as we all still do. The visit of the Basilica is a part of our private churches tour. For more intel press the button below.