Bike tours Bruges


In spring the nicest way to visit Bruges is by bike. Relaxed, perfect views and the ossibility to visit places you won't get on foot. Crusade offers three bike tours: The Scenic bike tour, the bike and history tour and the daytour: Historical ports of Bruges and Zwin. 

The Scenic bike tour is a bike tour trough the beautiful countryside of Bruges. A perfect opportunity to escape from the busy city centre of Bruges. 

The Bike and history is than the private bike tour in the city centre of Bruges. Cycle on the historical cobble stones of bruges and discover the highlights and hidden gems in a unique way. With the bike you get another experience and you get the opportunity to visit places you normally would have never see;  A unique experience.

The day tour is the most adventures tour of all. In the beautiful countryside we are looking for the old transshipment ports of Bruges and it's history. The scenic route leads us to the Belgian coast and the nature parc Zwin. The impressive mouth of the sea entrance of the middle ages. In between we have a nice lunch in Sluis and visit a unique historical church in Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden. Do you want to join this challenge?