Churches of Bruges


Bruges is home to magnificent churches steeped in history and beauty. From the imposing Church of Our Lady to the hidden chapels, each church tells a unique story and invites admiration. Discover Bruges' religious heritage on an enchanting journey through this historic city.

The churches of Bruges

Since Bruges is a very Catholic city, you will find many churches in the city center. These churches are an important part of the city and reflect its rich religious heritage and cultural identity.

How many churches does Bruges have?

Bruges is blessed with a large number of churches, ranging from large cathedrals to small chapels. In all, there are 17 churches scattered throughout the city.

Which are churches in Bruges?

In Bruges you will find several churches worth visiting. In our Private churches tour[1] we visit the most impressive churches. During this tour you will learn more about the religious architecture, history and art present in these churches.

Our churches we visit are: St. James' Church, St. Anne's Church, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, St. Redeemer's Cathedral and of course the highlight of all churches in Bruges; the Church of Our Lady with the Madonna and Child by Michelangelo.

The Saint-Jacob's church

The Saint-Jacob's church in Bruges is a hidden gem. During the Middle Ages it was the church for the elite of Bruges. Charles the Bold, members of the order of the golden fleece, Tomasso Portinari, Pieter Bladin, etc. The architecture of the church is special. It's a church with a celebration tower. In the church we find unique art which is not at all the touristic guides.

The Church of Saint-Anne

The Church of Saint-Anne in Bruges is definitely also a hidden gem. From te outside it looks like a basic the church, but the inside will blow you away. Beautiful baroque panelling and the biggest wallpainting of Bruges at the entrance are the highlights in the church. The church was mainly funded by the guilds. In which you see all the coat of arms in the stained glass.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges is probably the site which triggers the biggest part of your imagination. The relic brought to Bruges by the count of Flanders; Diederick van den Elzas has a big part of reality. Although people think this could be anybody's blood it is historically correct that the blood of Jesus Christ was indeed at that time in Constantinople. In this church you discover the real relic.

The Church of our lady

The Church of our Lady in Bruges is definitely the highlight in the tour. Built in the 14th century the church is the symbol of prosperity in Bruges in the 14th century. The church is the centre of the history of Bruges and has a very valuable art collection. The highlights in the church are the impressive 15the century tombs of Charles the Bold and Mary from Burgundy. The Duke and Dutches of Burgundy.

And of course the whipped cream on the pie. The statue of the Madonna with the Child by Michelangelo. One of the few art miracles in Bruges.

The visit of the interior of the Church of Our Lady is definitely the highlight of the Private Churches tour. No more high end art than in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges.

The Saint-Saviour cathedral

We end with the religious pride of Bruges. The Saint-Saviour cathedral with is impressive real Baroque interior. The church, with it's many relics and rich tapestry was also important in historical ways. As the Church of Our Lady meetings of the order of the Golden Fleece also took place in the church. In terms of art the highlight in the church is the statue of Quellinus de Jonge in the organ gallery of the church.

Inspired by the Mozes by Michelangelo it has the same expressive look as the famous statue. The statue is called; the God Almighty by Saint-Saviour and is a prefect example of high baroque art.

Private Churches of Bruges tour.

As you can read the Private Churches of Bruges tour is an overwhelming overview of art, history and important facts of Bruges. You can't understand Bruges without understanding it's churches. Join us on this magnificent journey and experience the beauty of the amazing art of Bruges. Check our itinerary in the booking page.