To visit: Church of Our Lady Bruges


The church of Our lady is with any doubt on of the highlights of Bruges. 

Built in the 14th century the church is the symbol of prosperity in Bruges in the 14th century. The church is the centre of the history of Bruges and has highly valuable art. The church is built in at least 45 years and a perfect example Scheldt gothic style.The church is one of the iconic towers that is a part of the so iconic skyline of Bruges. It is also the highest tower of Bruges. It is 123 meter high.

The church has a special look because it is built in bric which a typical stone for the Bruges area. With his tower in bric it is second highest tower in bric in the world.

The church has a very valuable art collection. The highlights in the church are definitely the impressive of Charles the Bold and Mary from Burgundy. The mausoleums represents The Duke and Duchess of Burgundy. Father and daughter.

Both are built in the same style and there is a reason for this. The time frame between the dead of Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold is not so wide.

Charles the Bold died on the battlefield at relatively young age and Mary of Burgundy died nearly fifteen years later.

Another highlight in the church is the private chapel of the lords of Gruuthuuse which connected with their private house that is built exactly next to the church. The private chapel is still in perfect condition and can be visited in the house which is now on of the major museums in Bruges. His baseline 'Plus est en vous' can be interpreted literal in the church.

Also the organ gallery is very impressive. With the seats of all members of the Order of the Golden Fleece it shows the historical and powerful importance of that time.

As important people were buried in the church some tombs in perfect condition can be seen. All painted with frescos which was so typical for catholic tombs of that time.

Some impressive private chapels of the elite of Bruges finish this port. 

Are very valuable art collection is also present in the church. Next to some paintings of top Flemish primitives the exclusive highlight in the church is off course the unique statue by Michelangelo; the Madonna and Child. 

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